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Although there is no scientific evidence surrounding the theory that certain sexual positions will better the chances of conceiving, some ascertain that the best sex positions for conceiving include positions which allow the sperm easy access to the egg. The man on top missionary style is perfect for this purpose because it allows for the deepest penetration, the depositing of the sperm very near the tip of the womb, and discourages leakage of sperm out of the vagina after ejaculation. A small pillow placed just under the woman’s lower back will allow the sperm to pool and give them the time they need to swim for it! According to some experts, laying back in this position for about half an hour after sex can greatly improve chances of conceiving, Some women also claim that lying back and air bicycling improves their chances of conceiving. Another position that allows the sperm to be dropped close to the cervix is rear entry, where the woman is either laying down on her stomach or on all fours. Spooning is another great position that improves chances of getting pregnant. Recent research has suggested that a female orgasm is an important aspect of conceiving, mainly because the convulsions of the orgasm help draw the sperm in. Positions that serve to reduce the chances of conceiving include those that defy gravity. Standing up, sitting, or female on top all involve the capacity for the sperm to leak out once ejaculated.

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