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Pregnancy Week 9

Far from the tadpole-like state of week 3, at pregnancy week 9, the baby has a head, arms, legs, and torso. The fetus is about 30 mm long at this point but will start to grow rapidly in the coming weeks. For this reason, the mother will also begin accumulating more weight. The tail has completely vanished at this point and the baby’s muscles and organs are probably functioning completely on their own. Also during this week, the baby’s eyelids shut tight and will not open again until week 27. This week also includes the development of the sex organs even though determining the baby’s sex will have to wait until about week 20.

The weight gain in pregnancy week 9 is actually an effect of water retention. During a pregnancy, weight can rise and fall throughout the day, causing unnecessary stress if closely monitored. It is suggested that pregnant women wait until their doctor visits to weigh themselves. Pregnancy weight consists of the masses of fat, an expanded uterus, placenta, the growing breast tissue, blood volume, amniotic fluid, and fluid volume. All of this taken into consideration, the average woman will gain between 18 to 35 pounds during their pregnancy. Most infants are about 6 to 8 pounds at birth. Because fat is not the only factor in the weight gain, losing the pregnancy weight is not as difficult as some may perceive. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is a good way to lose the extra weight fast.

During week 9, mood swings, apprehension, and unease are common. Sensitivities are heightened because of the large number of hormones that are now present in the pregnant woman’s body. Fatigue is also apparent but the nausea should be subsiding by now.

Some common and interesting effects of pregnancy in week 9 include uncontrollable flatulence and burping along with bloating and gassiness. Rising levels of progesterone in the body cause these disturbances and are also behind the increasing fatigue. It is important to remember that these occurrences are all completely normal.

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