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Pregnancy Week 8

At pregnancy week 8 chances are that some nausea and much fatigue are the most immediate signs that the baby is growing. In fact, at this stage, the baby can reach 20 mm in length. The babyís growth and development during week 8 is pretty significant. The tadpole-like tail begins to vanish, eyelids begin to form, elbows emerge, the cartilage part of the end of the nose is formed, and arms and legs get longer and more defined, although fingers and toes will still probably have some webbing. The nerve cells in the babyís brain begin attaching to each other and start to develop the network of brain tissues that will serve the baby for the rest of itís life. The lungs also continue to develop, with tissues branching out from the pipes connecting the throat to the lungs.

Although the pregnancy still cannot be judged from an outsiderís perspective, at week 8 the uterus is continuing to enlarge and the mother is thoroughly aware that she is pregnant. For first time mothers, it isnít unusual for their appearance to show no obvious sings of pregnancy until around the 4th or 5th months. In week 8 however, mothers who have been pregnant before can start to show. Also at this point, breasts tend to begin to enlarge, causing some soreness. If the soreness persists, a maternity bra is a likely aid that will be of use for the rest of the pregnancy. A common first trimester experience with women is mild abdominal cramping. The bodyís expansion to accommodate a baby can be the reason for this. However, should the cramping become intense or relentless, or should a woman notice some bleeding during this time, a healthcare provider should be contacted immediately. Some other common complaints during this point in the pregnancy include a lower backache. The uterus is bearing down more pressure on this region of the body than it is used to. Also, pressure on the sciatic nerve can cause a stinging pain throughout the buttocks and the side of the thigh. Fortunately, these symptoms will pass as the pregnancy goes progresses.

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