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If regular clothes were getting by before, by pregnancy week 7 they will be much less comfortable. Due in part to a slight bulge of the lower abdomen part in the stomach, maternity clothes at this point are definitely a consideration. From the outside, a woman doesnít begin showing until a few more weeks ahead. At this point, the baby grows rapidly and can reach up to 13 mm. Features such as a mouth, eyes, slight webbing of the fingers and toes, teeth, and small veins begin appearing at 7 weeks pregnant. Things that are also developing but cannot be seen include the babyís tongue, major muscles, intestines, and appendix. At week 7, the babyís body starts producing itís own blood type as the liver works to turn out red blood cells. Also, because muscle systems are beginning to build, the baby is usually more active inside the womb from week 7 on.

Most women will still be going through morning sickness at this point and some women may even experience it throughout their entire pregnancy. A complication to be wary of in week 7 of pregnancy is migraine headaches. If the mother has had migraines before conceiving, they can become more frequent during pregnancy but also sometimes stop altogether. In the same way, mothers with no previous history with migraines can begin to be plagued by them during pregnancy. Migraines are characterized by slight throbbing at the temples which does not cease and can increasingly get worse, along with queasiness and vomiting. A cold wet towel and some rest are good ways to aid the migraine symptoms. However, sometimes the migraines in pregnant women can be incredibly painful. Conditions and factors such as extreme fatigue, hormones, chocolate, cheese, coffee, smoke, or wine are known to increase the mothers chances of getting these migraines. If the migraines are, by any chance, coupled with symptoms such as fever or hazy vision, they should be discussed with a doctor right away. It is important to know that this stage of pregnancy will pass and the migraines will become very faint or stop completely.

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