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Pregnancy Week 4

By pregnancy week 4, doubt and anxiety can usually be settled with a pregnancy test. Although most women are able to confirm pregnancy at this time, some take longer to produce the pregnancy hormone HGC that indicates a positive in home or clinic test results. By the end of week 4, a period has been missed and fatigue and sometimes severe cramping are experienced. More frequent urination and swollen breasts might also be indicators. However, most women report that symptoms during this week are not very different from the usual symptoms experienced during a period.

Inside the body, the embryo, now grown to about .04 inches, begins to resemble a tadpole. It implants itself firmly and deeply into the uterine lining. At this point, the placenta starts development while the amniotic sac, otherwise known as the yolok sac, continues to nourish the growing baby. The placenta is a nourishing sac complete with vascular networks that transport oxygen and nutrients from the motherís body to the fetus. Meanwhile, the different layers of cells in the baby begin to specialize and form organs, body parts, and the nervous system. For this reason, week 4 of pregnancy is known as the embryonic period. These early weeks are crucial times for the babyís development and require the motherís health and good choices.

If you havenít been on a folic acid program, now is the time to start. The importance of a 400 microgram folic acid supplement cannot be understated. Folic acid reduces the likelihood of neural tube defects, miscarriages, and preterm delivery. Take care to note and discard of any pesticides and PCBís used around the house. Also, an appointment with your prenatal care provider is a necessity at this point. The first visit can be an important one and follow-up visits are a must in order to ensure the health of the developing baby.

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