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Pregnancy Week 38

At nearly 7 pounds around week 38 of pregnancy, the baby is and will remain around 21 inches in length. The mother will also remain close to her belly size at week 38 for the rest of the pregnancy. Labor could occur anytime between today and by week 40, so it is best to be prepared. Knowing as much as possible about the delivery process will help mothers in week 38 calm their nerves. Also, having a hospital bag packed with cozy socks, chapstick, hair and toothbrushes, and a change of clothes that would fit a woman at pregnancy month five, is a good way to help soon-to-be mothers feel more at ease about the upcoming event. Remember to pack for baby too; a cute outfit, some adorable booties, gloves, hat, mittens, and a baby blanky! In fact, the most important essential to pack is an infant car seat. The hospital is required, by law, not to allow the baby to leave without a properly installed car seat. Sometimes hiring a professional to install the seat can help alleviate some worries and make sure it is installed properly.

In the first few minutes the baby is born, he will receive what is known as an Apgar score from the doctor. This score assesses specifics such as the baby’s color post delivery, the baby’s respiratory capabilities, the heart rate, muscle tone, and reflexes. These factors can help determine how well the baby did in the birthing process, which, in turn, help formulate an evaluation of how the baby will do in the upcoming weeks. After the one minute Apgar test, another test is administered to gauge the baby’s ability to cope with his new surroundings. A high score in this test maintains that the baby is doing very well and includes an assessment of the degree of pink in the baby’s skin, the force of the baby’s cry, which assesses respiratory strength, a heart rate over 100 beats per minute, sturdy and vigorous movements of the muscles, and active reflexes during the test. A low score in this test requires more testing.

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