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Pregnancy Week 37

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, some women experience a discontinuation of the expansion of their uterus. Some women might even lose a few pounds during these last stages of their pregnancy, having gained about 35 pounds so far. During this week, it is important to be tested for Group B strep. These bacteria normally inhabit about 35% of people and are not usually dangerous, however, the baby can contrive sepsis, meningitis, or pneumonia if the bacteria are present during labor and birth. A course of antibiotics during week 37 can usually prevent any transmission to the baby. If a woman has had a Group B infection during a previous delivery, she is more likely to have it during the current delivery. Other women who have more of a risk of developing a Group B infection include women who develop a fever during labor, who have a urinary tract infection as a result of the Group B bacteria, or women whose water breaks before pregnancy week 37. A vaccine is currently in the works.

Close to 6 pounds and about 21 inches in length, the baby, at week 37, is still putting on the weight that is crucial for his well being and healthy entrance into the world. Many women find that having a birth plan ready prior to going into labor is a wonderful way to be able to focus all energies on the miracle of the birthing process, rather than the formalities. A birth plan usually has all the bases covered for the physician and his team. It usually includes things like whether or not the mother wishes to be administered pain relief during labor, and what kind of pain relief she has decided on, whether the baby should be bottle fed for the first time or if she wishes to breastfeed him, whether the baby will have a circumcision, who is permissible in delivery room, and permission to perform an episiotomy. However, it is important to keep in mind that in cases of emergency, requests in the birth plan might need to be altered.

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