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Pregnancy Week 35

Week 35 of pregnancy is often accompanied by paranoia for many women. Anxieties about the soon-to-be-born baby mount and can cause more stress than is necessary at this point in the pregnancy. It is important to keep in mind that this is a common reaction to being so near delivery and that the best way to help alleviate some of the worries is to be openly communicative with loved ones. It might be surprising to realize that partners often feel the pressure during this time as deeply as mothers do. Helping each other through this difficult time can help form an even stronger bond for the baby to be born into. The baby is putting on more weight at this point and has grown to about 5 Ĺ pounds and almost 20 inches. The belly has risen to almost 6 inches above the belly button and a weight gain of about 30 pounds is fairly common by week 35.
During this week, the baby will get into head down position, the proper position for delivery. If the baby goes into any other position against the cervix the baby is considered breech and must be delivered via cesarean. The most common breech position is when the buttocks instead of the head are positioned first to appear through the birth canal. Referred to as frank breech, this can sometimes be altered via an external version. Performed in a hospital setting around week 36, an external version is when the baby is flipped into the correct position for delivery by the physician. Women more at risk for breech than others include women who are more inclined to premature labor, women who have had more than one baby in close relation to each other, women with an excessive amount of amniotic fluid, women carrying twins, and women who have placenta previa. A transverse position is far less common than a breech position and occurs when the baby has itís shoulder or back pressed against the birth canal. This position usually necessitates a cesarean.

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