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Pregnancy Week 33

At 4 pounds and about 19 inches long, the baby is busy accumulating more and more layers of fat during pregnancy week 33. The skin will then turn from red to light pink and the baby will look more fleshy. Inflammation along the joints and fingers is a very common symptom of pregnancy week 33. Susceptibility to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome can increase around this time. It is important to wear wrist braces whenever typing to prevent long lasting effects.

Pregnancy can be separated into four distinct stages. The earliest stage of pregnancy , or the latent stage, is when the cervix begins to widen and wear away. It will probably dilate up until 4 centimeters during the latent stage. The contractions associated with labor often imitate the feel of Braxton Hicks contractions and therefore, often go disregarded. However, early labor contractions are more regular and will probably occur every 10 to 15 minutes, lasting about ˝ a minute. As the cervix loosens, chances are that the mucus plug, which closes off the cervix area, will release. Although this is a good bet that labor is in progress, a bloody discharge known as a bloody show is a sure indication of the commencement of labor. It is important to know that this first stage can last for 14 hours, especially for first time mothers.

Known as the active stage, the second stage of delivery involves a cervix dilation of around 7 centimeters and more fervent and frequent contractions which last about 60 seconds. For first time mothers, the second stage of labor can last almost 8 hours, while mothers who have given birth before tend to whiz right through it. Breathing techniques acquired through birthing classes can offer major help during this sometimes painful stage of labor. Medication is often administered during this stage. A transitional period between stages 2 and 3 is often accompanied by more intense contractions which can sometimes speed up contractions to every 3 minutes. During this transitional phase, the cervix can expand to around 10 centimeters.

Stage 3 of delivery is also known as the pushing stage. The length of time a woman will have to push varies, but during this stage the baby moves completely down into the pelvis. Crowning is when the baby’s head becomes visible through the birthing canal, and means that with a few more pushes the shoulders will emerge, followed by the rest of the body.

Stage 4 is usually a neglected stage during delivery because the baby has already been born and emotions are very high. However, the uterus continues to contract for about 15 minutes after the baby’s birth in order to release the placenta.

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