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Pregnancy Week 32

Growing rapidly, at pregnancy week 32, the baby is about 19 inches in length and weighs nearly 4 pounds. By pregnancy week 32, the volume of blood flowing through a woman’s body is at least 40 times more than what she would normally contain. This increased in volume is very good for the little one growing in the womb, but can cause discomfort for the mother. Back pain and pain throughout the buttocks are not uncommon complaints throughout pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. Also, gaining about 1 pound per week can leave little energy for exercise and it is crucial that a woman not exceed herself. Although huffing and puffing does not prevent oxygen from reaching the baby in the womb, who is being thoroughly nourished and cared for by the placenta, it can increase the risk of falling. Take pains to be very careful from this point on. Also, drinking large amounts of water and eating fibrous foods can help prevent constipation and hemorrhoids during this period. Hips and ligaments begin loosening up and, therefore, expanding during this time.

Also at pregnancy week 32, considerations on delivery methods should be weighed and decided upon. Although some women decide to have a vaginal birth, complications during labor can leave the physician and mother opting for a cesarean. Some reasons for a voluntary cesarean delivery include an active herpes infection, multiples, the cervix being enclosed by the placenta, and a pelvic fracture or other barrier to the birth canal. Sometimes, however, cesareans are not planned. Emergencies which necessitate a cesarean include situations where labor is not progressing because of inadequate contractions, pelvis, or large baby size. Another situation which might warrant a cesarean is that the rapid fluctuation of the baby’s heart rate through contractions, which can indicate that the baby is not enduring labor well. This is usually caused by a pinching of the umbilical cord. Another way the umbilical cord can become pinched is if it declines into the vagina. Also, a breech baby, where the baby seems to be coming out feet first, and bleeding from the vagina are emergency reasons to deliver via cesarean.

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