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Pregnancy Week 30

At week 30 of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid in the stomach begins to decrease as baby, at 3 pounds and 17 inches in length, takes up more and more room. Many women can feel different body parts pressed against their stomach during this week. Although sleep is difficult during this week and beyond, due to the increase in size, a pregnancy pillow is a great investment. Sleeping partly upright in a recliner can also help because it makes it easier to switch positions. Silk sheets and pajamas make switching positions in bed a breeze. Difficulties in falling or staying asleep coupled with increased levels of progesterone in the body make for a very tiring week.

The choice of pain relievers during delivery are numerous and should be investigated before labor. They include Analgesics and Narcotics, Pudendal Blocks, and Epidurals. Analgesics and narcotics are either inserted into the muscle or the buttocks directly or intravenously. Although the effects can last up to 6 hours, they cannot be delivered during the last stages of labor because they may cause problems such as drowsiness or depressed respiration for the baby after delivery. Butorphanol, fentanyl, meperidine, and nalbuphine are all medications falling into this category. Pudendal blocks are used to hinder the pain between the vagina and perineum and are delivered straight into the vaginal wall. They do not help with any other pains. Usually used for tears or episiotomies, the effects only last from a few minutes to an hour. Most women chose to use the epidural shot for labor, especially if they are going to deliver via cesarean. The epidural is injected into the lower back and is effective for a few hours. Common side affects with the drug include a decline in blood pressure and shuddering right after administration. Also, some women find that it is more difficult to push with this epidural. Although these medications are perfectly safe to use, some women decide to go for the natural birth. Sometimes, these decisions are quickly reversed during the more intense stages of delivery. However, natural births have been carried out since the dawn of humanity and, if done properly, they are an entirely safe way to bring a baby into the world.

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