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Week 3 of pregnancy is a time of anticipation, if a woman is trying to get pregnant, or of utter ignorance. Signs and symptoms during week 3 of pregnancy are not readily apparent. Although the baby is growing at an exponentially rapid speed, most women have not yet missed a period and think nothing of the slight bleeding that occurs during implantation, when the egg embeds itself into the uterine lining. A cramp-like pain on one side of the abdomen is the biggest indicator of conception at week 3. Also, a more than usual discharge of clear vaginal fluid can be a sign. Usually at week 3 of pregnancy the egg is fertilized. If more than one egg is fertilized by two sperm, the result is fraternal twins. Identical twins result when one egg divides into two. In this case, both are of the same genetic makeup and will have the same physical characteristics.

At 3 weeks pregnant, the baby is only about .006 inches long, or around the size of the head of a pin. During this week, amniotic fluid accumulates around the tiny embryo within a space that will ultimately develop into the amniotic sac, which cushions the baby for the entire pregnancy term. Although the placenta will not begin developing until week 4, the baby cleverly ensures itself all the nutrients it needs. The embryo, although just a ball of cells, employs a circulatory system which uses tubes that are attached to the uterine wall.

Most women will find that they are ovulating during week 3. This causes bloating and can be an early indicator of pregnancy. As soon as the notion of having conceived crosses a woman’s mind, she should take pains to take care of herself, watch her diet, and make healthy choices until she is sure. Modified forms of usual exercise are a great way to stay in shape during a pregnancy and can help women stay healthy. Testing for pregnancy will have to wait another 10 days from this point, or until around 2 or 3 days from when a period is expected.

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