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Pregnancy Week 28

During week 28 of pregnancy, and as the baby matures, the smooth and level texture of itís brain begins to form the grooves and crevasses that are normally associated with the human brain. At week 28, the baby weighs about 2 Ĺ pounds and is around 16 inches in length. Although the hair on itís head is growing longer with each passing week, many babies lose their hair soon after birth. The hair might even grow back another color. From week 28 and on, the mother should be gradually increasing in weight in order to assure a healthy baby upon birth. The total weight gain up until this point should be around 24 pounds. The growing uterus, now about 3 inches above the belly button, needs a lot of nutrients to support the bundle inside. At this point, a RhoGAM shot will be injected for women whose blood has tested Rh-negative. This is crucial for the babyís survival if the babyís and motherís blood mixes during any point in the pregnancy. Leg cramps, itching, and inflammation are a common sign of week 28 of pregnancy and can be taken care of with a good massage. Remember to elevate the legs above the waist when sitting.

Women with asthma are at great risk of potentially injuring their baby because oxygen deprivation for the mother means oxygen deprivation for the baby inside the womb. Some problems that arise with this include preterm labor, low birth weight babies, and dangerous blood pressure changes. Although medications during pregnancy are not usually recommended, in the case of mothers with asthma, the risks that could arise with an asthma attack far outweigh the possible risks of the medication. Although medication can provide for a perfectly safe pregnancy, women are encouraged to avoid asthma triggers until delivery. Getting enough sleep, exercising with the supervision of a physician, avoiding cigarette smoke, and going to a monthly checkup are ways to prevent asthma attacks during pregnancy. At this point, which is a good ways beyond the first trimester, an influenza vaccine might be recommended for mothers whose asthma is set off by viral infections.

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