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Pregnancy Week 27

Week 27 of pregnancy marks the beginning of the third trimester. At barely 2 pounds and 15 inches long, the baby, in week 27of pregnancy, begins to advance the retinol details that will enable sight once it opens itís eyes at week 28. The growing uterus, the pressure on the organs, and the increasing bulk during these later weeks tend to drain the motherís energy. The pressure on the motherís heart can cause excessive perspiration. Moodiness is also a common symptom of week 27. An increase in Braxton hicks contractions is not uncommon for week 27. At this point, a physician might recommend home uterine monitoring, especially if there are signs that point to the risk of preterm labor such as previous preterm births, premature rupture of the membranes, multiple fetuses or even pre-elcampsia. This is also a good time to consider and find out about maternity leave policies at work. During this week, the baby is also acquiring immunities to infections as the motherís antibodies cross over the placenta. Breastfeeding also increases the babyís immunities after birth. The uterus continues to climb on the belly and has now reached almost 3 inches from your belly button. The expanding stomach can increase fatigue so it is very important to get enough rest as the pregnancy progresses.

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