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Pregnancy Week 26

At 26 weeks of pregnancy, the baby has grown to nearly two pounds in weight and is about 11 inches in length. The baby is accumulating layers of fat although it is not much at this point. The Doppler may be used at this point to efficiently gauge the babyís heartbeat, which is growing stronger everyday. Since the nerves in connection to the ears and with hearing have matured, the babyís reactions to sound can actually be felt as bumps in the whom. Soft music can be very soothing at this point for both mother and baby. Male babies tend to have a small growth spurt for about 3 days during week 26 of pregnancy where their testicles begin to move down into the scrotum. The uterus continues to expand at about 1 centimeter a week beyond this point. Leg cramps are a common complaint during this week but a good stretching routine should help alleviate those problems. Stretching is also a must before and after any kind of exercise to prevent injury and ensure comfort. Headaches are also a problem during this time in pregnancy. Sometimes severe but often not, the headaches associated during this period are connected to the hormonal fluctuations within the motherís body. Over the counter medicines can be taken to ease this problem, but if the headaches persist or worsen, it is best to consult a physician for supplementary treatments.

The discomforts associated with pregnancy begin to accumulate from this point on. The ribs are often pushed against, along with other organs, as the uterus expands and the baby grows. Switching positions sometimes helps to alleviate the pains associated with the pinched nerves the babyís position might cause. The motherís blood pressure tends to spike just a bit during this week as where in the weeks just prior, it had been lower. At this point, it is best to be wary of a condition known as pre-elcampsia, where the blood pressure rises too quickly. Signs include inflammation in the hands and face apart from the usual pregnancy puffiness , strong and painful headaches, distorted vision, upper abdominal pain, and abrupt weight gain.

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