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Pregnancy Week 25

At a whopping 1 1/2 pounds and a massive 9 inches at week 25, the baby is developing spinal structures, lung blood vessels, nostrils, and layers of fat that will soon take away the transparency of itís skin. Also at this point, the baby can make a fist with itís new formed dexterity. Sever back pain is a common symptom of week 25 of pregnancy because of the expanding uterus and the pressure it places on the back and pelvic bones. Sciatica can develop as a result of the babyís head pressing against the nerves in the lower back and legs. This painful condition can be alleviated or helped by a hot or cold ice pack, a firm mattress, good posture at all times, a body pillow in bed, and sometimes physical therapy if the situation warrants and if a physician recommends it. At this point, pre-term labor symptoms should be talked about with a physician and thoroughly understood by a mother to be. Meals become harder to digest as the weeks progress because progesterone makes a woman more prone to heartburn and indigestion. Vitamin C is good at helping the body absorb iron from the food it takes in. Also at week 25 of pregnancy, because of the pressure on the uterus, it is not uncommon for the bladder to leak, especially during a fit of laughter or a cough. However, if the fluid is suspected to be anything but urine, a physician should be consulted immediately. An ultrasound and vaginal examination can help determine the cause.

At week 25 of pregnancy, the babyís brain is developing the aspects that allow it to distinguish sensations, observation, thought, and emotions. These developments allow the baby to remember, after itís birth, events that happened while it was still in the womb. The babyís bones continue to harder and the fingerprints are completely formed. The baby can even express preference towards the use of itís right or left hand at this point. The heart of the baby can also be heard by placing an ear to the womb.

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