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Pregnancy Week 20

At week 20 of pregnancy, onlookers can definitely determine that a woman is pregnant. The baby is about 6 inches in length and around 9 ounces in weight. New and different layers of skin begin to form for the baby at this stage. The epidermis itself is comprised of 4 layers which include the fingerprint skin of the palms and under the feet. The head of the baby has also become almost perfectly proportional with the rest of itís body. Also, the naval may pop inside out. The babyís growth rate slows decelerates to allow for the immune system, lungs, and digestive system to approximate. At the half point of pregnancy, week 20 assures regular growth patterns in the belly. A physician will probably start using a tape measure to track fundal height, or belly growth from this point on, however, after 32 weeks an ultrasound will probably have to be used in order to assure accuracy. Although, even an ultrasound has about a 20% leeway both ways in determining the growth rate of the baby. At this point, if the fundal height and pregnancy week donít seem to correlate, intrauterine-growth restriction might be suspected. This condition produces smaller weight babies at delivery. Some factors that might help determine IUGR include chronic hypertension, diabetes mellitus, placental insufficiency, elevated alpha fetoprotein, antiphospholipid syndrome, persistent medical illnesses, low maternal pre-pregnancy weight, substance abuse, infections, and anemia. Early diagnosis and a fitting health regimen is the best way to prevent any further damages. Good health and prenatal care can also help prevent IUGR.

Other symptoms of pregnancy week 20 include itching along the abdomen. Although Pruritic urticarial papules can develop rash-like bumps along the stomach, they are not harmful to mother or baby. However, if the itching continues or becomes worse, a condition called intrahepatic homeostasis might be the cause. When ducts that are supposed to carry bile from the liver throughout the entire body fail to do so, the accumulation of bile salts can cause the itching. A blood test will have to be performed to diagnose this condition.

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