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Pregnancy Week 19

At week 19 of pregnancy, the baby is about 6 inches in length and weighs around 7 ounces. From this point until delivery, the babyís size, along with yours, will grow about 15 times at a fairly remarkable speed. Round ligament pain is a common symptom of week 19 of pregnancy. Also, balances issues due to postural hypotension is a common occurrence at this point. Usually caused by low blood pressure when the pregnant woman changes positions quickly, symptoms can include dizziness and wobbling when trying to walk. It is important to remember to change positions slowly and carefully. When the vena cava is pinched by the growing uterus, supine hypotension causes faintness when lying down. At this point, a pregnancy pillow will be very useful in helping the mother lay comfortably on her side. Other reasons for dizziness consist of the levels of blood sugar in the body. Eating healthy and eating right are very important during pregnancy.

In pregnancy week 19, the baby will start generating meconium, a type of bowel movement product which is composed of excreted amniotic fluid and other substances produced in pregnancy. Throughout the course of the pregnancy, the baby ingests and expels amniotic fluid which accumulates. Although the meconium is meant to be excreted after delivery, sometimes the baby begins ejecting it while still in the womb. Because the womb is a self enclosed organ, these ejections can be taken into the babyís lungs and cause many problems upon birth. Although this is rare, on the chance that it does happen, nothing much can be done about it. The physician can only prepare to clear the babyís lungs upon birth, right before it attempts itís first breath. If this is happening, the only way to actually tell is upon the water breaking. If the water is greenish-black or yellowish, chances are that the baby has been passing meconium. Also during week 19 of pregnancy, the baby beings to generate a sticky outer coating for itís body called vernix. This keeps the skin from becoming over-hydrated. Also, the brain of the baby has formed specialized areas where it can detect smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.

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