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Pregnancy Week 17

At pregnancy week 17 the baby is about 3 1/2 ounces and almost 5 inches long and growing! By this week, the cartilage in the skeleton has started to form into bone and the baby is moving around enthusiastically, although it might not be as obvious for some women. Because the baby can hear sound at this point, playing music is a great way to begin the bonding with the infant while it is still inside the womb. The cerebral cortex is developed and the connections between the nerves and muscles are beginning to be formed.
At this point in the pregnancy, the belly will probably protrude beyond the uterus around 2 1/2 inches in the lower abdomen. The organs become pressed to the sides as the uterus encompasses the pelvis and abdomen. Although this usually occurs, every woman is different and starts to show at different points in her pregnancy. The most important thing is not to be concerned but instead to consult a physician at the onset of any questions. At this point, more vaginal discharge than usual is released. This is referred to as leucorrhoea and occurs because of the increased levels of progesterone in the body. If there are any concerns about the discharge, a physician should be consulted immediately. Blood or amniotic fluid leakage could be an indicator of preterm labor. Stress levels can have a huge affect on the baby. It is vital that for the rest of the pregnancy, relaxation techniques are applied and that stress is managed. Overstressed mothers to be can suffer from a condition which elevates the levels of coricotropin-releasing hormone and induces pre-term labor. Indications of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are also experienced during week 17 of pregnancy. This is often caused by fluid retention in joints. In order to prevent Carpal Tunnel it is best to avoid using the computer for long periods of time during pregnancy and to take frequent breaks while doing so. Sometimes, the increased blood flow throughout the body may cause nosebleeds

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