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Pregnancy Week 14

Week 14 is the best time to start exercising if not having previously done so. The second trimester tends to provide for more energy for exercise than the previous period of pregnancy . Any type of exercise program should be run by a physician before embarked upon. Heavy weights are not recommended and should not be used. The important thing to keep in mind is to start out slowly and build on the routine. Also, avoid altogether any type of exercise requiring the pregnant woman to lay on her back. This puts pressure on the spine and vena cava. Dieting pills should be avoided altogether while a healthy diet is never a bad idea. Although more calories are consumed during pregnancy, there is always the choice between what kind of calories are ingested. At this point the baby is around 4 inches in length and almost one ounce in weight. During this period, the body of the baby is becoming more proportional to the large head. The eyes are still getting closer to each other while the ears separate the their opposite ends of the head. The neck begins to elevate above the chest and lengthen out. As the weeks progress, the baby’s reflexes become more and more active. The placenta becomes the essential way in which the baby receives all of its nutrients. For this reason, it is now, more than ever, important to keep away from household cleaners and other toxins that may seep through the skin and harm the fetus. Pregnant women should especially be aware of a disease called Toxoplasmosis, which is transferred from cat feces to humans. Changing the litter box of a cat can cause the transference of the disease. Although cat owners have probably already been exposed to it, the risks of the disease to an unborn baby are significant.

Constipation is an unwelcome but usual sign of pregnancy during week 14. Easing constipation naturally through slowly incorporating vegetables and fruits into an every day diet is best. Water is also a key essential in alleviating this discomfort. If not looked after, constipation can lead to a worsened case of hemorrhoids.

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