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Pregnancy Week 11

At pregnancy week 11, the fetus has grown to about 2.4 inches and almost .3 of an ounce. Because the skin remains transparent until much later in the pregnancy, blood vessels are still visible at week 11. Also at this point, the fetus is exercising itís new found movement capabilities by opening and closing itís fists. Also, areas where the teeth will be will become swollen. The webbing between the toes and fingers is gone at week 11 and the fetus is reveling within the huge space it now has by moving and kicking around. This stage includes the most rapid changes the baby will ever undergo in life.

Although it is still not very apparent that the mother is pregnant, changes within her also include rapid growth. Fingernails and hair begin to grow at an increased rate and morning sickness gets closer to completely subsiding. This week marks the near end of the first trimester. The second trimester will involve about a pound of weight gain per week.

Some things that might come up during this stage of pregnancy include varicose veins. Some women go into their pregnancy without varicose veins but develop them during the pregnancy. Others experience an increased amount of varicose veins, sometimes in places other than their legs. Although this is completely normal, sometimes the varicose veins can develop around the rectum. Vulvar varicosities develop because the amplified blood volume during the pregnancy and the weight of the growing uterus can add to the pressure in the veins in the vagina or vulva around the rectum. This can lead to hemorrhoids which are characterized by pain, itching, and bleeding. However, most topical creams and suppositories can make the pain from the hemorrhoids manageable. Family history and amount of weight gain during pregnancy can determine the risks of developing vulvar varicosities, however, after delivery the symptoms usually go away. Some ways to prevent or help minimize varicose veins include wearing maternity pantyhose which help sustain good circulation which prevents varicose veins. Also, exercise is an important way to stay healthy while helping to prevent varicose veins during the pregnancy. Short walks, elevating the legs while sitting or lying down, and not crossing the legs should also help.

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