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In Vitro Fertilization Pre Embryo Transfer is a procedure used to artificially inseminate an egg while it is outside of the body and generate a pre-embryo which can then be replaced in the body in order to hopefully generate a baby. Couples having problems conceiving usually seek In Vitro Fertilization as a method of improving their chances. The process begins with the removal of an egg from a woman’s ovary using a needle which pierces the wall of the vagina. Then the egg is placed with sperm in a laboratory until it develops into a cleaving pre-embryo, which is then implanted into the uterus. Up to 4 eggs can be removed and cultivated at one time. The pre-embryos must usually divide between 2-3 times before being deemed ready to implant. The procedure is safe yet cannot guarantee results. It can be repeated as many times as desired by a couple but a usual delay occurs because the menstrual cycle must be allowed to resume and complete. The patient is usually free to resume normal daily activities within an hour or two after the procedure is complete. However, it is advisable that strenuous exercise be avoided until pregnancy is definite. The woman is usually placed on an intensive program to help assure that the eggs retriever are of the most pristine health. Hormonal therapy , fertility drugs, blood tests and ultrasound scans should help assure that the procedure has the best possible chance of succeeding.

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