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Fetal health is essential for the growth and development of a healthy baby. In a world where chemicals and toxins can make it into the human body at virtually every turn, it is crucial that pregnant women or women who believe they may be pregnant stay as far away from secondhand smoke, alcohol, pesticides, and household cleaners as possible. These chemicals can cause problems with the umbilical cord and other birth or brain defects. Avoid changing the kitty litter box to prevent toxoplasmosis, an infection very harmful to baby. Also, check all medications with a physician before using.

The motherís diet is directly linked with the well being and health of the fetus. Everything the mother puts into her body will pass through the placenta and into the babyís system. Itís true that the mother is now eating for two, however, she always has the choice of which calories she wishes to consume. Calcium is critical for a growing baby who will no doubt have some bruises and bangs along the way. It is also important to consume anywhere from 400 to 800mcg of folic acid on a daily basis to assist the babyís nervous system and heart development. However, take care to keep away from fish rich in mercury to prevent mercury poisoning. It is also important to exercise routinely with workouts approved by a physician. Heavy lifting should always be avoided during pregnancy. Last but not least, seeing a physician regularly may detect any problems with the fetus early enough to prevent major damage.

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